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Eternal Love - Daidek X Atokad
Daidek’s P.O.V.
It was a warm summer day. I was in the park as I sat down on the hard, brown wooden benches, picked up a little pebble and threw it a few yards in front of me, due to my boredom. There was nothing to do since I helped to vanquish Arvo…for now. Though…that day we defeated him was also the last day I saw my soul mate, Atokad, Queen of the Shadow Dimension. For years we were both enemies, Atokad always being assisted by her wicked other-half Ortin and both intending to make other peoples’ lives miserable. To tell the truth, I was like that once, even going so far as almost killing those that were close to me. But amazingly, time healed us all and we ended up working together as vigilantes, anti-heroes if you will, aiming to defeat Atokad’s creator Arvo. However, in the last battle we had with Arvo, Atokad sacrificed her life to destroy Arvo and banish him to the Phantom Zone of the Shadow Dimension. However, Ortin, now a kind and caring
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Boomubbles - A Cute Kind of Love
Boomer, the ‘shy one’ of the Rowdyruff Boys had always been picked on by his brothers, Butch and Brick for being in love. Even his other five teammates didn’t want to accept him regarding his love life. He couldn’t care less that they were jealous. There was only one person in his life for him. He’d had a soft spot for Bubbles, the ‘cute one’ of the Powerpuff Girls Squadron and leader of the group’s Sugar Squadron for as long as he can remember, but had been too scared to act on it. Times were changing however and Boomer knew that soon he’d have to change with them. It started on a warm summer’s day in Townsville. Boomer had nothing else to do but fly around Townsville feeling the wind in his hair as he did so. He was stopped in his path however when he caught a glimpse of a group of kids walking near to a railroad crossing. Some distance away, an eastbound train had just left Townsville station and was nearing the crossing. S
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Daidek’s P.O.V.

It was a warm summer day. I was in the park as I sat down on the hard, brown wooden benches, picked up a little pebble and threw it a few yards in front of me, due to my boredom. There was nothing to do since I helped to vanquish Arvo…for now. Though…that day we defeated him was also the last day I saw my soul mate, Atokad, Queen of the Shadow Dimension. For years we were both enemies, Atokad always being assisted by her wicked other-half Ortin and both intending to make other peoples’ lives miserable. To tell the truth, I was like that once, even going so far as almost killing those that were close to me. But amazingly, time healed us all and we ended up working together as vigilantes, anti-heroes if you will, aiming to defeat Atokad’s creator Arvo. However, in the last battle we had with Arvo, Atokad sacrificed her life to destroy Arvo and banish him to the Phantom Zone of the Shadow Dimension. However, Ortin, now a kind and caring soul decided to set me up in a small accommodation in the grounds of the Shadow Dimension palace until I get over the bad memories of the past, my past self and that bastard named Arvo. For now, I decided to be a lone wolf, since I’m still depressed about Atokad’s fate…

It’s warm today due to the lower temperatures of the area. I’ve decided to ditch my mage’s robe and wear my silk blue long-sleeved T-shirt along with my dark blue jeans and black and white sneakers. I felt like just a regular guy walking along and minding my own business. I felt a butterfly that fluttered onto my shoulder and stayed there for a brief minute. I chuckled a bit to myself before I saw it fly away with its red and blue patterned wings that flutter in the sky. Though, I was still a bit depressed about what happened to Atokad a month ago, it’s kinda shocking and annoying to other people around me that I’m still mad about her. I guess this is what love does to you…

I suddenly heard a sharp, formal voice in the distance that made me look around to see who it was. “Master Daidek! Master Daidek!” As I looked towards where the voice was coming from, I saw my team-mate Ortin calling out my name as he was gliding in the sky using the jets from his gunner suit to hover above me before landing down softly on the ground, before running up to me with an upper-class grin on his face.

Regular P.O.V.

“Greetings, Master Daidek” bowed Ortin. Daidek had a little smile on his face to hide his sadness. “Hey Ortin. How’re you?” Ortin smiled. “I’m actually doing pretty well. Just going about my regular business. Now that Lady Atokad is gone, I’m trying my best to maintain the castle in her absence but that doesn’t mean I’m withdrawing from my usual services.” “Building new gadgets to assist us as always?” Daidek smirked. He knew his team-mate well. Ortin had a nervous smile. “Well, you know me now, Master Daidek. You know what makes me tick.”

After a long and awkward silence, Daidek cleared his face. “So anyway Ortin, what brings you here?” “You actually…” Ortin said, shyly. Daidek was surprised. “Ortin, I’m sorry to say this, but you know that I’m not that way inclined.” Ortin looked at Daidek, his face red and shocked from his nervousness. “Good gracious, Master Daidek! Not like that! I meant that I came here to tell you something!” “Oh, I see…” said Daidek, rushing to change the subject. “So what did you need to say to me?” “Well Mater Daidek” said Ortin. “Let me ask you a question. Have you heard of the phrase ‘Cats have nine lives’?” Daidek frowned. “Ortin. If this is about Atokad, then I don’t wanna be in on this plan. We can’t resurrect Atokad back anyway. She turned to dust when I saw her disappear.” “Well actually, it’s possible that we can” said Ortin, hopefully. “With the help of my old Life Sapper reprogramed to restore life rather than take it away, we can actually resurrect Atokad and you two can be together.” Ortin glared smugly at Daidek as if to say ‘I’m smarter than you’, but Daidek wasn’t fazed at all. Instead, he started to think. “Hmmm… Interesting…” he said before turning back towards Ortin. “But I do have one question. How will this idea work if I can’t use Atokad’s body to resurrect her?” Ortin could answer this otherwise tricky question straight away. “Well you actually don’t have to use her body. You can just use something that she used to have and if it has any DNA that matches Lady Atokad’s, then it can work.” “I see…” said Daidek. “I actually remember her giving me a small music box shortly after she turned over a new leaf.” “That’s perfect, Master Daidek” replied Ortin, energetically. “Just meet me at the castle forgery in an hour. I’ll start the process when you arrive.” And with that, Ortin started to levitate using his gunner suit’s jets and flew back to his castle home. Daidek started to think. Was Ortin just roping him into something? This was a man who would once kill little children without even a hint of remorse. Even though he’d turned over a new leaf like Atokad, could he still be trust worthy? But despite his doubts that the plan would work, he got up and walked back towards his cottage to retrieve the music box.

2 hours later…

Daidek’s P.O.V.

I then arrived at Ortin’s Forgery with the small music box that Atokad gave me. I turned my head to the several inventions that Ortin had since rejected after using them to wreak havoc on anybody that trespassed into the Shadow Dimension. In the centre of them stood an incredible streamlined suit of gunners’ armour in the shape of a stealth bomber. He had since removed all of the harmful weapons and replaced them with less diabolical ones, so it seemed like he still used it. He probably uses it to fly at amazing speeds, feeling the cool breeze in my face like what I’m feeling right now. Though, it’s just calmly breezing in my face smoothly like cream on a sundae… Wait, when did I start becoming so melancholic…? Oh well… I walked into the workshop and saw Ortin sat there, reading a classical novel as he relaxed on the couch.

Regular P.O.V.

Daidek cleared his throat. “Ummm, Ortin?” Ortin looked up at Daidek briefly before smiling again. “Ah, Master Daidek. You’ve finally arrived I see?” “I’ve got the music box that Blaze gave me” Daidek said, holding up a small black and red box covered in diamonds and other precious stones. “Splendid, splendid. Now if you would just follow me…” Ortin replied as he led Daidek into the invention room of his forgery. There, Daidek looked around at the many trinkets and wires that sparked at random intervals. “Wow Ortin” he said. “Quite a crowded place in here, huh…” Ortin smiled. “Well, the mind of a genius, be he good or bad, needs to be active constantly. I build what I think of.” Ortin then turned to Daidek with the upmost seriousness. “But that’s all beside the point. The point is that one way or another, Lady Atokad will be resurrected today. Brought back from the other side today.” Daidek looked confused. “Is there really a difference?” “That doesn’t matter. Minor details” doddered Ortin.

“Anyway, here’s the invention that shall resurrect her” he smiled as he pulled off the cloth that covered his latest invention. “I give you the Life-O-Restore! Just put the item that Lady Atokad gave you into that hole in the side of the machine there, and she should come back!” Daidek put the music box into the little hole in the side of the machine, all the while saying to Ortin, “Very well, but I’m still not 100% sure about all this.” “Trust me, Master Daidek. Everything is going to be fine” smiled Ortin as he worked the controls of the machine. “Your smiling must me straining your face now, huh…” said Daidek, desperately trying to change the subject. “If you must know, it’s slightly straining my face, Master Daidek. But after spending the majority of your life frowning down on everything, one has a duty to keep smiling” said Ortin as he finished with the controls and pulled the lever to activate the machine. “So now what?” questioned Daidek. “Now we must wait for the machine to fulfil its duty and hopefully she’ll appear inside the machine” Ortin said as he walked over towards Daidek and the machine began making sounds and generating haze around it. “Please let this work…” thought Daidek as he crossed his fingers.

Suddenly, the machine began to shake as the sounds became louder due to the loose bolts and nuts in it. Ortin wasn’t sure what was going on and went back to the controls. As Ortin was constantly fiddling with the controls, trying to get them to work, Daidek looked up with a worried look on his face. “Umm, Ortin? Is it supposed to do that?” Ortin himself was just as worried. “No… It’s supposed to bring her back now. Something must be malfunctioning in the system.” Ortin tried to fix the machine, but a severe jolt of electricity sparked from the machine as he jumped back. “Ortin?!” said Daidek, unsure of what was going on. “Master Daidek! Take cover and put your shields up! She’s going to burst!” said Ortin as he ducked underneath his nearby metal workstation, pulling Daidek with him. “But the music box…” started Daidek, but it was too late.

The machine exploded as wires, bolts, cranks, nuts and screws were flying from the machine into separate directions in the room. The machine crumpled into pieces as it had dark entrails on the ground just where the machine was. Daidek opened his eyes and saw the machine in pieces. “Oh no” he said as he got out from under the table and searched through the debris. Ortin then opened his eyes and followed Daidek, saddened that his machine had collapsed, but not showing it to Daidek. “Master Daidek…” he started as Daidek searched more and more. “Shut up and help me find the music box” shouted Daidek, looking for the box frantically. Ortin just stood there, trying to find the right words to explain it to his friend. “Master Daidek, the machine destroyed the music box with it. It doubt it survived” he said depressingly. “Shut up!” came the firm reply. It seemed that Daidek wasn’t going to take no for an answer as he looked more in the debris. Finally he found… a crushed wooden box and a destroyed crank that held the thing together. “No… This was the only thing that Atokad gave me before she died” sobbed Daidek as he held the remains of the box to his chest. He wiped his tears before looking towards Ortin with fire in his eyes. In rage, Daidek lunged towards him, but Ortin was prepared and blocked the attack. However, Daidek countered and grabbed Ortin by the throat, choking him in a fit of emotional vengeance. “YOU MONSTER! WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME!” he said. Ortin spat out a massive amount of phlegm as Daidek increased his grip on him before throwing him to the ground. Ortin looked shocked. Was this what Daidek was like towards his nearest and dearest a year ago? “Master Daidek! I…” he started. “SHUT UP, YOU CLOD! YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHY I’M MAD!” said Daidek, preparing to charge up an uppercut filled with energy.

As Daidek yelled at the scared Ortin more, he failed to notice the dark entrails where the machine once was absorb themselves into the centre of the debris and create a small puff of black smoke. A small female figure coughed from the smoke, crawling up from the debris of the destroyed machine. She was wearing her usual attire of a black dress decorated with red roses, black slip-on shoes and a small silver tiara decorating her long, wavy, raven-black hair. When she saw Daidek attacking Ortin, she was shocked. She silently stepped forward and put her hand on Daidek’s shoulder. “D-Daidek?” she said, terrified. Daidek turned around angrily to see who it was. But then his expression changed rapidly when he then cast his eyes on the person that he thought he would never see again. “A-Atokad?” Ortin was starstruck. “She’s alive. Master Daidek. It worked…” Daidek and Atokad looked at each other for at least a minute until Daidek hugged her tightly and never let go of her as the tears in his eyes began to run down his cheek. Atokad did the same as she hugged him back. “Atokad… You’re alive again… I thought I would never see you again…” cried Daidek, as fresh tears continued to fall from his eyes. Atokad herself was starting to cry. “Daidek… I’m happy to see you too…” After a month in suspended animation, being trapped in the underworld, she was happy to see Daidek and Ortin again. Especially Daidek. Ortin couldn’t help but grin at the happy scene as he wiped a happy tear from his eye. “Well, I’m glad that you’re back, my lady. And I’m glad that Master Daidek is happy too…” Daidek turned to his team-mate. “Ortin… Thank you…” he said. “It’s fine, Master Daidek. I’ll let you have your time with Lady Atokad. You need to catch up with her anyway” Ortin said as he left the room, leaving Daidek alone with Atokad.

Daidek smiled after Ortin before turning back to Atokad. “Atokad… Did you get hurt by the machine?” he asked. Atokad smiled sheepishly, “Nah, I only got a couple of bruises. But I’m a strong warrior queen. I can easily walk it off.” “That’s good…” replied Daidek. Realising that he needed to confess what he’d done to Atokad, Daidek looked down to pick up the remaining pieces of the music box. “Atokad…?” he said as he showed her the pieces. Atokad looked shocked. “Is that the…” she said as she looked at the music box and took the crank of it. Daidek then started to cry even more. “I really am sorry about the music box being destroyed. You see, the only way for Ortin to resurrect you was to use a specific object that the person you want to be revived, used. So I had to use the music box you gave me to resurrect you. But I never thought that it would be destroyed in the explosion… Atokad… I know you cherished it… But I’m, from the bottom of my heart, truly sor…” However, Daidek was interrupted as Atokad kissed his lips.

As soon as Daidek realised this, he blushed deeply. Atokad pulled her head back and smiled brightly. “Daidek, it’s okay… I understand what happened. You wanted me back so badly that you’re willing to sacrifice anything for me to stay alive… That really is the sweetest thing a guy would ever do for a girlfriend” she said, smiling brightly. Daidek was shocked at what he’d just heard. “G-G-Girlfriend?” he said, smiling sheepishly through all of the blushing. Atokad nodded and kissed Daidek again. He did the same to her but after a while pulled back a little to whisper into his lover’s ear, “…I love you, Atokad” to which she responded by looking at him and whispering back, “I love you too, Daidek…” They both stared lovingly into each other’s’ eyes before embracing each other once again, happy that they could be in each other’s company and accept each other’s love.

Eternal Love - Daidek X Atokad
A short yet sweet story requested by :icondaidek:.
Daidek and Ortin attempt to bring Atokad back from the point of no return.

Daidek: :icondaidek:
Ortin: :iconnitrosilver98:
Atokad: :iconpixelboid:
Happy Birthday Daidek
Nitro and the girls of the Serene Trio are here to wish their good friend many happy returns on his special day.

Nitro: :iconnitrosilver98:
Daidek: :icondaidek:
August: :iconaugustflorencewaters:
Dakota: :iconpixelboid:
Nitro's Question Time 8
Cartoons of the late 90s/mid 2000s period seem to stick in your head a lot more, don't they...
I was tagged by :icondaidek: with some questions for me to answer.
So, here we go!

1) Favourite Pasta

I don’t have a favourite pasta but if I had to choose one then… spaghetti?


2) Republican, or Democrat?

I don’t particularly want to talk politics.


3) Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur?

Obviously Squirtle.


4) Favourite Video Games?

Tomodachi Life, Any Pokémon Games, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Guitar Hero, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 7.

5) Language you want to learn.



6) Opinion on Pixilated Lovers?



7) Who, whom, or whom'st've?

Who. Except in formal situations, then it’s whom.


8) Favourite Pokémon Type?

A tie between Dragon and Fairy.


9) Favourite Pokémon?

I would say Pikachu or Clefairy. They’re both equal in my mind.


10) Do you like Selkies?

I’ve had a brief look at them and I kinda like them.


11) Do you like Sims?



12) Do you like Animal Crossing?

Of course!


13) Are Akotad, and Ortin really bad, or just misunderstood?

I’ll just get this straight. Atokad and Ortin are 2P counterparts of my OC Nitro and Pixelboid’s OC Dakota. Atokad is the ruler of the Mirrored Dimension and Ortin is her loyal bodyguard and head of her armies. They’re evil and mean towards most other 1Ps and if given a hefty price, they will provide support for any other 2Ps. Many people think they’re a little misunderstood because in secret, Ortin despises Atokad and doesn’t agree with her methods of ruling the Mirrored Dimension and secretly wants to overthrow her. However, he doesn’t want these feelings to come out in public, so feels that he needs to maintain this loyalty to his queen, even to his enemies.

I know what some people think. Both Atokad and Ortin have some puzzling character origins and backstories.

If it's alright, I'm not going to tag anyone just yet. But stay tuned for any questions from me.


nitrosilver98's Profile Picture
United Kingdom
First of all, it's my pleasure to welcome you to the world of nitrosilver98!

I'm just a beatnik teenager interested in music pre-1989 who is just taking their first real steps into the world as a responsible adult.

I have been writing fanfictions and creating original characters since 2010 but have only recently started to write seriously in between my music and performance studies classes. I find writing fanfiction as something
that calms me, motivates me and helps me relax after a hard day's work at school.

To be honest, I'd never thought about broadcasting my fanfiction and OC's to the masses but after being inspired by several fellow DeviantArt users, I felt it was the time to do so now I'm progressing into adulthood.

My characters mainly take the form of Mii characters from Nintendo games which I will refer to with screenshots as well as fanfictions. I find, not being an artist myself (I know, judge me), that Mii character screenshots will be the best way for me to show you my uniqueness for character creation.

Overall for me, this experience would be a way for me to improve my writing style and character creation techniques. In a way, you'll all be helping me improve.

Anyways, thanks for visiting the site and please enjoy the characters and stories I shall try my upmost best to entertain you with.

Welcome to my world.


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